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White Monkey Cushions

I would like to share with everyone the spring/summer style cushions I am looking to sell on ebay to build up my business. They are handmade in the UK by myself. It is a hobby of mine that I would like other people to benefit from. They are of top quality material and filling, made in the UK from a reliable source. There are three designs currently available and they can be found on the link below! Happy Shopping ūüôā

Seaside Stripe Cushion

Large Grey Bobble Cushion

Large Spring Blossom Cushion

Boot me up scotty! – the best boots you can get your hands on right now…

Footwear is getting fancy this spring with an array of dazzling boots you can now get your hands on, its time to let your feet make the statement!!

Whether your looking to be flamboyant in floral or glamourous in glitter. This seasons fancy footwear trend has something for everyone! From super shiny heels to super cute moccasins, there’s no excuse to be leaving your feet unloved this spring.

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Photo edits of art work to be printed as part of my SS17 textile design collection.


Well here I am, gladly welcoming 2017 in with open arms, leaving 2016 in the abyss of negativity it was and looking forward to the bright positive future I am going to create for myself. We’ve heard it all before, ‘new year, new me’ and all that bullshit, and we’ve also heard the person who calls that bullshit, well, bullshit. Everybody looks forward to a new year, reminiscing on last year and desperately thinking how they can improve, and most of all, how they can actually lose the pounds they’ve piled on over the last 4 years….

And to be honest, i’m here thinking the same. 2016 was a dead year for me. To be honest the last 2 years have been dead years to me. I made the wrong choice going to university, dragged out the whole year, got diagnosed with depression, had tablets, summer came, messed around not achieving anything other than getting annihilated at festivals and having a shit job while I crashed at my boyfriends for 6 weeks to get away from my parents. I eventually went back home and got a job working with my mum, which is equally depressing and I since haven’t found anything else even after desperately applying for anything under the sun for the past six months.

It’s safe to say i’ve had enough, and i’ve had enough of having enough. If that makes sense. I don’t want to look back and think, fuck I fucked up more now than i’d fucked up then. So what I cant find a job…. I’m clever enough and energetic enough to make myself a job.

In the last week i’ve read #GIRLBOSS, the movement that is going to make every girl think they can open an eBay shop and become a millionaire, but I know, that deep down, I am a hard worker and I know I can do it. All I want in life is direction, I have lacked that since I was a teenager, so now i’m 20 and still have no direction, whats the point in carrying on looking when i’ve failed for all this time? I have come to the realisation that i need to create my own direction. My own business.

Since reading #GIRLBOSS I have created a business plan and name, bought my own domain and I plan to teach myself to create my own website and fully girl boss my own life. I want the best things in life, I want to travel, I want to be able to do want I want and most of all I want to do good for other people, I want to help people by giving them jobs and giving them amazing opportunities. Opportunities I know I wont get working for some other cunt.

2017, is going to be my year of working hard and playing hard. Hear it goes.

Art Obsessed

Recently I have been working on new designs as I plan to start building my own soft furnishing business. This is a very exciting project for me, but in very early stages. Some of my most recent designs have been based on pastel colours and patterns.

                                                    All images/designs are subject to copyright.        


The importance of now.

We often day dream, so caught up in the social media storm which consistently reminds us of what we haven’t got and what we must, as a society, be working to achieve. Whether that is a size 6 waist line, the newest¬†evoke model or a¬†24c diamond on our left ring finger. ¬†‘what will our futures look like?’ I feel we are always asking of ourselves… ‘what is the next step?’. so much so we seldom stop to appreciate what is right in front of us.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not here to preach and not practice. I am one of the worst for sitting and thinking what could I be? Where do I want to be in 5 years? How am I going to get there? It’s always good to have a plan, but I feel like we are obsessed. Or at least I do. I’m suddenly conscious I’m missing out on now. I’m not enjoying my time now, in my early 20’s, because im too busy worrying about where I’m going to be in my early 30’s. ridiculous right? lets say I get hit by a bus…not enjoying my life at the time. that thought makes me sadder than the rest.

I have comprised a list of changes that I propose to make in order to quit my worried state and begin really enjoying my 20’s as I should be…

  1. Get more creative

Everybody needs a creative outlet, however big or small. For some, listening to music or reading a book¬†on the way home from work is enough. But I know for a fact that is not enough for me, a few years ago my life was engulfed by the creative arts, doing art drama and music at college I couldn’t get away from it. since starting the world of the adult, work has limited me and I have been neglecting my much needed creative time. I plan to do an hour or so of art, music or reading per night to help brighten my mood and unleash the creative juices locked up inside. Being creative is important because it allows you to have thinking time which engages the brain and allows inspirations and ideas to some rushing to you.

2. Have some ME time

Similar to above, it is important to have some time to concentrate on yourself. Are you really looking after yourself properly? Are you giving your body what it needs. If you need a nap, take one. If you need a soak in the bath, have one. If you need time to away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, lock yourself in your bedroom and try half an hour of meditation. Meditation or just quiet time has been shown to have positive effects on mental health, decreasing stress and allowing the body and brain to function at a higher level when it is most needed.

3. Get Active

I used to be a super active person and go to the gym twice a week, but more recently other aspects of life seem to have taken over, with that and the dark nights I have been really struggling to find time to get active. Being active and getting some exercise in (other than finger exercises tapping away at your keyboard) is really important to your physical and mental health. exercise releases endorphins which makes you a happier person, with that and the pounds dropping off and your booty on the way to looking like Kim Kardashian’s, what could go wrong?

4.Eat Healthily

Don’t get me wrong, I wont refuse a chocolate bar if someone waved it in front of me, but on the whole I’m really going to try super hard to get my fruit and veggies in and try to eat fresh every breakfast, lunch and dinner. I eat really well every day anyway, but struggle when it comes for snacks, so my challenge for this one is to not go for the biscuits and to reach for the nuts or fruit instead. That being said, I have a lemon drizzle cake awaiting my attention….

5. Get social

I can be known for getting a grump on and refusing to go out and see anyone. This is possibly the worst thing I could do. Being with my friends really brightens my mood and seriously need to invest more time in going to see them and doing little things here and there with them. Laughter is another serotonin boosting and endorphin releasing exercise and that can always be injected whenever I am around my friends.

These things are really simple and we all know that they are important to maintaining a healthy level of happiness and healthiness within our lives. But how many of us can really put our hands up to say we honour and worship each and every point in our everyday lives? That is pretty impossible, but it’s important to keep a balance for each and every point. If you let one slip, you could end up feeling as bad as if you had let¬†all of them¬†slip… in my own¬†opinion anyway.

Design Time 

I have an exciting project on the horizon to share with you all in the coming weeks! Let’s get designingūüôą #HWdesign #HxH

Perfect No Heat Curls

Dry or damaged hair? Frizzy and needing to stop using heat? Well I have the perfect way to create the most gorgeous heat free curls! 

You will need :- 

A soft head band

Bobby Pins

Oil to smooth the frizz
Step 1: if your hair is damaged or naturally frizzy, tame it with some oil to ensure your curls come out as sleek as possible! 

Step 2: Take a soft fabric headband and place it on your head, on top of your hair, down to where you want your curls to start.

Step 3: take a small section of hair from the very front as shown below. Carefully tuck the piece of hair through the band so that it loops the band. 

Step 4: keep adding to the section of hair, continuing to wrap the section of hair around the head band until you get to the middle of the back of your head. Now start again on the opposite side.  The tighter you wrap the tighter your curls will be. 

Step 5: if you have long hair you may have excess at the back, simply continue by wrapping this around the band at the back. You may need to use Bobby pins to secure the last section of hair. And done! You are ready to sleep ūüėī

MORNING! you are ready to undo that band of hair and unleash the curls! ūüėĄ 

Take out your Bobby pins and careful start to shake your hair from around the band. 

And there we go! Perfect no heat curls ūüėė

Dior Haute Couture A W 2016/17

Dior opens its door in Paris today to reveal the much anticipated 2016/17 A W Haute Couture collection. The monochrome collection brings a sense of calm to the brand today amidst all the rumours of who will be next to take the driving seat for the company. Beautifully structured tailoring laces the catwalk of the brightly lit headquarters this afternoon. Straight cut jackets with bold shoulders along with striking eyeliner, accentuating the eyes, create a sense of feminine strength among the models seen on the catwalk earlier today. Alternative hemlines, longer at the back than the front, intricate pleats and frills among the voluminous  mid length skirts show a modest and distinct femininity within the collection.

Intricate beautiful embellishment seen on jackets and dresses illuminate the garments in glistening gold and silver. The designs are simple and do not over bear the beauty of the simply structured but impeccably turned out designs. Elegant sandals take pride of place on the soles of the models. Most¬†are simple black, soft leather¬†tied in bows around ankles adding yet another strike of femininity. Some¬†are¬†embellished with delicate gold and silver flowers.¬†Take a peek at some of the looks on the catwalk….